OWVI Announces Enterprise-Grade Software for Advanced Security and Corporate Governance

LAS VEGAS, NV | April/14th/2023 | One World Ventures, Inc. (“OWVI” or the “Company”) is proud to announce the launch of the development of Keywa, a groundbreaking software as a service catering to corporate clients, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Keywa offers a cutting-edge solution for digital asset management, combining an innovative keyless design for heightened security with digital asset governance features catering to the sophisticated requirements of its target clientele.

Keyless Design Heightens Security Keywa’s design will significantly reduce the risk posed by hackers, who often exploit weak points in conventional key-based systems to gain unauthorized access. Keywa will achieve its improved security via a distributed secret-sharing scheme, allowing clients to require multi-party authentication according to its financial governance structure for high-risk operations, such as granting users access to funds.

This architecture ensures no single individual can unilaterally access or control sensitive digital assets. The cost of poor digital asset governance and security can be devastating for businesses and individuals alike. In 2022 alone, the top-10 cryptocurrency exploits totalled a staggering $2.1 billion, the largest of which saw the Ronin Network suffer a $625 million loss after a hacker managed to steal private keys. Incidents like these illustrate the necessity for Keywa’s innovative alternative to traditional private key-based wallets.

Solving the Crypto Governance Problem Keywa’s corporate governance features will include multi-layer access control and support for sophisticated governance structures. Compared with alternative systems, these features allow for more comprehensive control and oversight, ensuring that digital assets are managed efficiently and securely. Damu Lin, CEO of OWVI, expressed his enthusiasm for the progress made on Keywa, stating, “I am extremely pleased with the Company’s development progress of Keywa.” Over the coming months, the Company will continue to provide clients and investors with updates about further developments, including the public launch date.

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