It’s a Fintech World | Money 2020

One World Ventures is proud to present “It’s a FinTech World”.  Produced by INNERface Media this series will explore the fascinating world of digital finance and the new era of fintech.

The once underground and precarious notion of digital money has grown with the popularity of cryptocurrency. It has become a full-on rush of excitement as the mainstream world engages its brilliance. We’ll talk to experts who saw the trend way before it was cool, to new pioneers on the scene with exciting new blockchain technology that’s forging the new wave of fintech fanatics.

What better way to start up a conversation about the fintech industry, than at the MONEY 2020 show in Las Vegas Nevada, Oct 24-27. We were there in the flesh recording segments throughout our time at this conference and are happy to give you an inside POV on who’s who at the event as we interviewed countless companies on their innovation and perspective.

We spent some time interviewing a number of vendors at the Money 2020 show. The event was full of exciting companies from all over the United States and beyond excited to be in on the action. We spoke to the company Treasury Prime who uses APIs to embed a full range of banking services from cards to account opening to payments.  We spoke to Okta an international company that is consistently named a Leader by major analyst firms and trusted by 13,000+ customers to secure digital interactions and accelerate innovation.  We met Swift a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services.  We were happy to speak with Kathryn Bonesteel the VP of Partnerships at Scienaptic who represents underwriting technologies to better identify qualified prospects, flag high-risk prospects, and offer a more complete credit risk assessment.  We stopped by the Prime Trust booth and met Erin Holloway. Prime Trust is the one-stop-shop for financial infrastructure APIs and plug-and-play widgets that allow fintech and digital asset companies to innovate quickly, securely, and reliably.  We were happy to meet Irina Berkon the CFO of the payment company Metal Pay.  Of course, we needed to stop by and speak to the Equifax booth.  It was great to meet Kyle Hellsten of the group Clinc. Clinc’s revolutionary conversational AI has been proven successful at some of the biggest banks worldwide. The best-in-class technology utilizes natural language processing that understands how people really talk, powering exceptional customer experiences.  We met an exciting company called Their mobile biometric solutions help you onboard customers and verify their presence with ease while ensuring their accounts cannot be compromised by account takeover or identity fraud.  Payoneer was also present. Payoneer opens your business up to the world helping make international payments, receiving funds, managing your digital business, or accessing capital. We met the very delightful people at Appian who helps organizations build apps and workflows rapidly, with a low-code platform. was excellent to speak with about the seamless integration of their technology into any platform.

We definitely learnt a lot talking to the various organizations from various corners of the industry. We took a little bit of time to try and get a smile and a chuckle out of participants with a super fun game of name as many cryptocurrencies as you can please!?  The results certainly varied as some folks struggled and could name a Bitcoin and a couple of others while others were excited to name several tokens and it all amounted to a good time had by all. It was great to meet all these amazing people with a shared interest and common ground in this exciting time of digital finance.

We want to thank everyone at the Money 2020 event for accommodating us at the vent we had a blast and can’t wait to come back again next year.


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