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Hello, and welcome to the first episode of Its a Fintech World.

We are thrilled to bring you a new series on the Fintech industry and all the fascinating companies relevant to the space that is killing it right now.  We want to focus on innovation, amazing new tech or perhaps the sheer size and growth of a company based on its influence on the market.  We will connect with various financial institutions that deal in digital payments, Big Data companies, KYC and other identity service providers.

Over the past decade, there has been innovation in shopping online and moving our money over a digital network.  What was thought unimaginable just years back is becoming mainstream as more and more companies look to disrupt a tired and antiquated system.

And although there is a lot of confusion among regulators, the wild west of Crypto currency exchanges has made a lot of people rich and some others not so much. However, the once-distance reality of crypto is here and not going anywhere, but instead going everywhere.

Of course, this might depend on what country you call home. In recent months, crypto mining and all things Bitcoin have been considered illegal and banned in China. These restrictions have caused a made exodus of companies scrambling to exit the region and find a new place to shop. In addition, significant crypto-mining operations established across the United States produce millions of dollars of Bitcoin daily.

As emerging industries, Bitcoin mining and Crypto currency have gripped the world as we have seen a fundamental change in how we live our lives in a post COVID world.

And Bitcoin mining is why we are excited to introduce our first guest. The company One world Ventures Inc has been on my radar for a couple of years now.   One World Ventures Inc is a Public Holdings Company located in Nevada, USA.

Initially founded in 1997. Listed on the OTC Market, OWVI is interested in assisting emerging new industries with ideas that make the world a better place.

What a very compelling mission statement indeed.

But what I was most impressed about when I spoke to OWVI CEO David Linn was how the company has essentially returned to its roots as a tech company from its initial interest in the dot com era.

Like many companies, the COVID pandemic forced a new way of life upon society and with that comes innovation. Fast forward to today, the current focus is developing cryptocurrency mining operations on a mass scale.

What differentiates OWVI is the belief in and the commitment to using green energy to provide environmentally friendly power solutions for their mining facilities.

We were happy to be in touch with OWVI CEO David Lin for a short but informative conversation about the company and what they are up to.

SPM – Hi David and welcome to the show.

DAVID LIN –  Yes! Thank you for inviting me. My name is David Lin, I am the CEO of OWVI, we are One World Ventures Inc.

SPM – Could you please tell us when you began with the company?

DAVID LIN –  One World Ventures was founded in 1997 during the technology dot come era. As a trading company, I took over in 2017 as CEO and now we are focused on modern technologies, especially the Blockchain.

SPM – Amazing! Yes, the Blockchain.  It seems like BlockChain has become a technological marvel and a vehicle for a lot of companies to explore new ways of doing business.  I understand from reading up on your profile you are a diverse company. How much did the use of Blockchain work into the diversity of One World Ventures?

DAVID LIN –  One World Ventures, we have many overseas partners that lend to us being diverse.

SPM – Well, sure, it is all about diversity and adapting to a changing market. How have you adapted to diversity?

DAVID LIN –  We are an American-established company; however, many international partners are working with us. We say diverse because we use an amalgamation of technology to do our work.

SPM – Right on, so what are you guys doing currently around that?

DAVID LIN. Since the pandemic happened, the world economy has changed dramatically, making the BlockChain business more relevant than ever. We believe the BlockChain business is the future.

SPM – Excellent David, that’s must be an incredible feat. I mentioned off the top of the program that Crypto mining facilities are popping up all over the United States right now due to the market’s growth and, of course, the displacement of some more prominent players from overseas. How are you planning to facilitate any of this business?

DAVID LIN. Currently, OWVI is developing a crypto mining facility to host bitcoin miners.

SPM – What are you planning to do?

DAVID LIN – We focused on establishing fully integrated Crypto mining facilities in several locations worldwide.  We want to build out state-of-the-art mining facilities that will make us one of the most extensive facilities in the world.

SPM – What are you implying by the use of a fully intergraded facility.

DAVID LIN – I am saying fully integrated, in that it will be a state-of-the-art facility. We have the right elements, the right power, the right facility, and the right people involved who are experts in the field and know how to do this business.

SPM – Great yes,  it sounds like you guys are on the right track, and you have checked all the boxes with your process super impressive.  Now I understand your new facility is in Wyoming, the first US state to regulate the use of Crypto Currency and let companies like you establish and operate this scope. So we are talking about a massive scale to your operation that will involve a ton of cooperation from state officials, not to mention power regulators and the likes. So what does this tell you about the demand for Cryptocurrency and what we can expect from the industry moving forward?

DAVID LIN – This is what we believe in, BlockChain is the centralization in the future, and we think this is what people are looking at.

SPM – Ok, well, that encouraging. So it’s all about building out the operation at the moment, then. Are you guys up and ready, or what are the next steps for OWVI?

DAVID LIN – Our fully integrated facilities can host other crypto miners in our place. And we are looking for the opportunity to work with them.

SPM – OK, David, that is fair enough. You guys are certainly on an exciting trajectory, and we look forward to watching how things progress.

Thanks so much to my guest David Linn and One world ventures for making the time to speak with us today.  We will have links to the company website below, and please leave any questions or comments below.

Until next time!

Sean SPM

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